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Corey Creed loves Internet marketing.  He doesn’t make websites.  He makes people look at them.

Since 2003, Corey has been the founder, owner and president of several businesses.  He started with Hippo Inc.  It was an e-commerce business which sold millions of dollars worth of  products to the hospitality industry. The other is Hippo Internet Marketing Training, which Corey used to help others learn how to market anything online.

Corey has helped hundreds of websites succeed.  He has spoken at dozens of conferences and ran several meetups about online marketing.  He currently enjoys serving some clients and still sells products online with his friend, Ryan.

Corey enjoys all aspects of online marketing.  He specializes in helping businesses and individuals determine what they should do online to market themselves.  More importantly, he helps you prioritize what to do first.

You can learn more about the history of Corey Creed here .

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Corey’s Other Websites

(Some of them, that is)

The Jungle Map – Corey’s blog from 2006 to 2017

Hippo – What is left to show of my previous marketing company back in Charlotte, NC.

Artisan Internet Marketing – My new agency is located in Florida

How to connect with me

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Corey Creed – Me on Twitter

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