Little bit of snow.

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So last night we got about 2 inches of snow up here around Lake Norman.  When I got up there was about that much on the rooftops and grass.  It was raining at the time, so the roads were just a little slushy.

I have not heard what it is like in Asheville right now.  But I did cancel my meeting up there this afternoon.  (Sandy didn’t want me driving up there.  Smart woman.)

The Charlotte Newspaper is reporting that 75% of flights were on time, most schools were cancelled, and very few accidents were reported.  The Charlotte area got 1–2 inches.  Some surrounding areas got as much as 2–3.

Anyone have any reports on what Asheville area is like?  Leave a comment below.

P1120143POSTSCRIPT:  My friend Adria in Swannanoa offered this picture.  It was taken outside her house.