What’s different when Sandy’s not home

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My wife is in New York this week enjoying some time with old friends.  She and her friend Melissa from Hickory went up to the Poughkeepsie area on a $10 each way Skybus flight.

So what’s different when she’s gone?  Here’s my “Top Five” list.

5.  Most evenings are spent entirely at work.

4.  The television at home is never on.

3.  I can hit the snooze button 3 or 4 times.  (I can also listen to the radio in the morning while getting ready.)

2.  Brady is forced to eat at breakfast and dinner only.  (Not whenever he wants – spoiled dog!)

   …and the number one way you can tell Sandy is not home…

1.  I had toasted Eggos and microwaved quiche for dinner (and ice cream right after).

That’s it.  I hope you liked it.

Drop me a comment if you feel bad for me living by myself for a whole week while my wife is out having fun.