My wife ran away and started a rock band

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For a week now my wife has been in New York without me.  After being there a few days, she called me late one night to tell me that she has been playing the new video game Rock Band.

If you haven’t seen this game, it comes with a guitar, drum set, and microphone.  To win, you need to hit the drums or strum (actually flick) the guitar at the right time while rock songs play on the screen.

Sandy told me that she plays the drums.  Her friend Jennifer Francis plays the guitar, and her friend Melissa Courteau sings.  At the beginning of the week, they were playing together every day.

In fact, while I’m writing this tonight, she just called.  

It seems she has been playing some more this evening.  The band is now named “The Boston Babes” and they are up to 758 fans so far.

Thankfully, even though she has such fame, she’s planning on coming home to her loving husband (me) tomorrow.  I’ll be picking her up in the morning.

How will it feel to be married to a rock star?  Not sure.  I am jealous, though.