Don’t rush fried eggs

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I learned something this morning.  For months now I have been driving through McDonalds several times per week buying an egg McMuffin for breakfast.  But my wife tells me it’s too expensive. 

So this morning I finally broke down and made my own eggs for breakfast.  Unfortunately, I turned the heat up too high (trying to rush) and ended up forcing down fried eggs that were runny on the inside.

Pretty gross.

They are still my throat now 30 minutes later and I’m trying to drink my coffee at work to try to get them to go down. 

Actually, Bennett (my Italian Greyhound – the only one that will wake up as early as me) ended up eating about a third of the runny eggs.

Next time I’ll keep the heat lower and cook them more thoroughly.  Some things you just can’t rush.

PS:  Sorry if this post grossed anyone out, but my sister in Massachusetts told me she wants me to post more often.  It’s the only thing I could think of to write about.  (It’s hard to think about anything else when you have half-cooked eggs in your throat still!)